Associate Recovery Communities (ARC)

Sober Living and Halfway Houses in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco County

Tampa Bay Sober Living has a new name and a new look!

ARC is network of recovery communities and programs that have come together to help better our community. Our sober living facilities and recovery programs aim to provide lasting recovery through a combination of hope, help, and action.


Our sober living transitional homes provide a safe and supportive recovery environment that builds a bridge between substance abuse treatment centers and the independent maintenance of long term sobriety.

Our recovery program combines the 12 steps and peer support to assist in continuing recovery after leaving an inpatient facility. We have found that when the right program is combined with sober living, our residents find a way out of addiction and drug abuse, and back to their lives.


Our Values

At ARC, we strive to serve our residents and build a sober community through respectful peer support, a focus on health and wellness, and contributions to shared recovery. 

Our Mission

The mission of Associate Recovery Communities is to bridge the substance abuse continuum of care gap in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.

Our Vision

The vision of Associate Recovery Communities is to provide a safe and supportive recovery community, which reduces a recovering individual’s chances of returning to active addiction. The testimonials of our current, and past residents, as well as our communities willingness to support one another through the early stages of recovery encourage us to continue providing these services for those seeking a new way of life.


Associate Recovery Communities started as the first Sober Living Community on the West Coast of Florida to received accreditation  by FARR, the Florida Association of Recovery Residences. This means that ARC meets higher standards of recovery support, residence quality, and support standards.


Our Services






Hear From a Former Resident


(727) 754-5790


1270 Rogers St.

Clearwater, FL 33756



ARC is always looking for volunteers, furniture, and any items that would be beneficial to our residents.


Items we can use include:

  • Sheets and bed linen

  • Furniture

  • Household goods

  • Clothing

  • 12 Step Recovery books

  • Vehicles

  • Financial Contributions

Call Today: (727) 754-5790

ARC is a Florida Limited Liability Corporation meaning gifts made to our program are not tax deductible. However, they still go to a very worthy cause of helping addicts in our community lead productive lives.


(727) 754-5790

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